Evelyn Haddad creates jewellery with character, aiming to underline the wearer’s nature. “Women bring my jewellery to life once they wear it in their own, individual way”. She allows her roots to play their part in influencing her creations. So for her it is particularly important to underline women’s freedom and self-determination. “Every woman has her own definition of beauty. Each person has individual characteriscs”, the very aspects with which Haddad seeks to connect in her jewellery.

These high-quality products are craLed by hand and hold the promise of longevity. “Each piece of jewellery is unique, just like the woman who wears it”. 


Designed in Vienna, the Meijerhof brand offers exclusive, timeless designs that wrap you up in style. Founded by mother and daughter with a passion for fashion and handcraft handed down the generations.

Originally from Moldova, my mother and I are not only mother and daughter but best friends. We wanted to take our passion for celebrating the female body and bring it to life. Our desire to promote self-love and to show the beauty in all bodies was our inspiration for the wrap clothing of the Meijerhof brand.

“your body is a giL – take care of it and wrap it in our designs”